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Nickel Alloy

Nickel alloys are corrosion resistive to aqueous solution of halides as in contrast with austenitic stainless steels which are known to be highly susceptible to pitting corrosion in chloride ions.

Nickel alloysare heat-resistant alloys used for jet engines and gas turbine blades. We started using the term “alloy design” after the phase computation (PHACOMP) method was developed in 1964 to predict the formation of harmful and brittle phases (e.g., σ phase) in nickel-based superalloys. This PHACOMP method has been widely used for the design and quality control of nickel-based superalloys. The parameterNvis used for the prediction in this method.Nvis the number of vacancies or electron holes existing above the Fermi energy level in a metaldband. There are, however, several contradictions in this method. For example, it gives an ill prediction for the formation of the σ phase in some alloys. The prediction is poor for the formation of the μ phase. Furthermore, any design of Co-based and Fe-based superalloys by PHACOMP has not yet succeeded. Most of these problems are inherent in the electron vacancy concept itself, and hence could not be solved despite that enormous efforts have been made to improve the PHACOMP in some ways.
Nickel Alloy

Nickel Alloy

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Single Piece Length6 meter
GradeNickel 200
Unit Length6 m
EndPlain End
Nickel alloy is a low carbon based stainless steel. Chemically, Nickel Alloy Pipes consist of a minimum of 99% nickel. The remaining alloying materials used to manufacture a seamless nickel alloy pipe include - 0.40% iron, 0.35% each of silicon and manganese, 0.25% copper and 0.01% sulphur. By the addition of these metals in the alloy, the Nickel 200 Pipe is known to have excellent mechanical properties.

hese mechanical properties include high ductility and increased corrosion resistance. A Nickel Round Pipe is highly resistant to corrosion against saline or marine water, distilled and natural water. However, it shows poor resistance to stagnant water. Besides corrosion by water, high nickel alloys pipes are resistance to organic acids, strong alkalis and reducing salts. For example, nickel alloy pipes and tubes have excellent resistance to caustic soda or sodium hydroxide solutions and several other alkalis. And they show excellent resistance to acids like sulphuric, hydrofluoric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids as well.  They are also known to resist dry gases at room temperature. 

When exposed to an oxidised environment or condition, it forms a passivated oxide layer, which protects the nickel alloy welded pipe from being corroded by rusting.

The tensile strength of nickel alloy seamless pipe for grade Nickel 200 ranges between 380 Mpa to 550 Mpa, its Yield Strength at 0.2% offset ranges between 105 Mpa to 275 Mpa. The elongation in 2 inches for grade Nickel 200 is between 60 to 40. Its Brinell hardness rating is between 90 to 140. Nickel alloys can withstand high temperatures, although they are best avoided in environments where the temperatures rise above 315ºC or 600ºF

Applications for Nickel Alloy Pipe include - chemical processing, petrochemical processing, food processing equipment, marine industry and lastly aerospace & missile components.

Nickel Alloy Pipe can be easily processed or welded with any one of the fabrication methods. For instance, they can be easily welded with resistance welding or with inert gases without the need for pre-heating or post welding heat treatments. Similarly, other fabricating processes like cold forming, hot forming and machining can be carried out on the nickel alloy pipe specificationwith ease.

We SKYLAND METAL AND ALLOYS INC. are manufactures and nickel alloy pipe suppliers in Mumbai, India. We at Siddhagiri Metals & tubes are a leading Nickel Alloy Pipe Manufacturer & as specialist in Nickel 200 Pipe, 85% of our customers are associated with us for their regular requirements of Nickel 200 Pipe, many suppliers from China also procures Nickel 200 Pipe from us because We have the specialization & 35 years of experience to manufacture Nickel 200 Pipe & Nickel 200 Seamless Pipe.

Siddhagiri Metal maintains their image as one of the industry’s most extensive Nickel and Nickel Alloy Pipes inventories. Our inventory strategy of maintaining depth in commodity sizes and keeping moderate levels of uncommon sizes has made us the vendor that industry can depend on. The spreadsheet shown below is our targeted inventory mix.

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